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Power BI Monitoring


Monitoring Power BI Report Usage

Examine closely how many reports your company generates and which ones are the most popular. We assure you that they encompass certain features or standards that capture users’ attention and positively impact the quality of their ongoing work.


User Activity

Power BI Monitoring allows for tracking user activity. This not only helps you identify those who regularly utilize our reports but also enables us to pinpoint ‘Power BI champions’—individuals whose knowledge and activity can further disseminate expertise within the organization.


Get the most out of Power BI

Continuously enhance your Power BI configuration based on insights from the tool. Customize workspaces and streamline administration through appropriate user groups.

Power BI Advantages

Why is it worth it ?

LEARNING Business Intelligence

Thanks to Power BI Monitoring, your team will learn how to enhance the generated reports based on their usage data. Now, you’ll be able to expand the scope of best practices that were previously not adequately highlighted.

DATA Culture

The pillars of building a data culture include effective tools, data quality, and internal champions who lead by example in applying these principles. Power BI Monitoring enables the extraction of insights related to each of these aspects, facilitating environment cleanup, report standardization, and the propagation of best practices across other departments.

Increase ROI

Regardless of the size and complexity of a report, its generation involves costs that we must bear. Includ resources, time, and funds. Examine how often you incur expenses by succumbing to external pressures from those who simply request report preparation without further engagement.


Ensure that the number of licenses you’re paying for aligns with their real-world utilization. Identify which users are making use of their assigned features to determine whom to promote or demote in terms of licenses

For whom ?

  • You already have Power BI Service!
  • You generate reports from various areas and on different levels!
  • Your Power BI is used by over 200 users!
  • You've had enough of the untapped potential of your data analytics!

What do you get? You get the tool that:

Calculates the ROI of your Power BI reports.

Evaluates the consumption of the reports and the user engagement.

  • Identify TOP and FLOP business users.
    • Focus on the report delivery for the TOP users.
    • Deprioritize the development for the FLOP users.
      • Spend your money and time in the right way
Facilitates the administration of Power BI

Discover the new trending reports created by Business Users

  • Help them get on track by migrating them to the central report repository
    • Increase the adoption of the reports.
    • Assign the priorities effectively to your PBI Administrator
  • Easily discover the non-used report
    • Clean up your environment and spend less time searching for the reports.
  • Make sure PBI Licences are assigned to the right people
    • Identify the frequent users without any licence
    • Identify the licenced users not-using PBI
      • get the value from money through the correct Licence management
Helps to spread the adoption of your PBI Deployment:
  • Identify the most advanced and frequent PBI users
  • Give them the proper training and leadership support so they can become Power BI Champions
    • Enable them to spread the analytical know-how and skills through the organization

Implementation Process

Step 1: Prerequistes

Once we have your “go” to start you will receive the list of the prerequisites. The list will contain the details about:

  • Level of access needed
  • Users accounts 
  • Service Principals

Step 2: Deployment

Once the initial setup is provided by you our team will start the deployment and the tool configuration. If no customization is required and the access are correctly assigned, the whole process should take  2 days.

Immediately after the deployment you get access to your Power BI Monitoring Report with the data for the last 30 days.

  • The data starts to be stored, allowing you to have month by month vision

Step 3: Training

You will receive a training session how to use the solution.

Step 4: Continuous support

  • After the deployment you will have access to our consultant.
  • Periodically you will receive the updates of the product with the new features



We have over 10 years of experience in the data environment. Our expertise has been built and is constantly growing through real-life challenges.


We work with MicroStrategy as often as we work with Power BI. We know the advantages of both and, more importantly, we know how to use them in practice.


If we believe that your current solution is the best for you, we will tell you. We are not interested in implementing solutions where they won’t help.

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