At Astral Forest we empower entrepreneurs to make better decisions by access to reliable information presented in a consistent and understandable way.

Our values


Honor - Value Astral Forest

We are proud to cherish integrity, decency, trustworthiness and honesty in the way we work. 


Purpose - Value Astral Forest

We support our employees in achieving personal goals, as we believe the purpose in life impacts the purpose at work.


Curiosity - Value Astral Forest

We appreciate individual growth and seeking knowledge as it contributes to the growth of the entire organization.

How we work

We build the culture

supporting the development of the best talents and teams, and creating a supportive environment for people seeking experience is our priority. We appreciate sharing knowledge across the organization, as this is how our employees accelerate their growth.

We build internal standards and layouts

that elevate the efficiency of our work. We focus on standardized approaches & reusability of know-how and thanks to this we can smoothly and successfully complete projects for clients.

We advise on career development

and use our experience gained across various organizations, ranging from startups to big corporations. We’re always happy to share our knowledge cumulated over the years. Thanks to this we grow faster than our competition.

We always aim to maximize the efficiency

of our implementations. This is why we lead the client through the entire process and work closely with them all along. This means that with us you can widen not only technical but also business perspective.

What we offer

Mentoring & Development

We offer rapid development of skills caused thanks to the supervising of our BI & data experts and the culture supporting knowledge transfer and mentoring

Impact & Ownership

We provide you with an exciting opportunity to have a big impact on the growing organization and a chance of holding a managerial position in the future.


We appreciate the efforts of employees of all levels and provide them with accurate compensation. This is why we earmark 30% of company shares for the staff.

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We’re constantly in need of talents who are ready to take responsibility and wish to have an impact on the growing organization.

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