to Power BI Migration

The Switch to Power BI and leave MicroStrategy’s challenges behind.

Microstrategy challenges



Processing of large data loads can become a bottleneck for this tool. The more data there is to process, the harder it becomes to work with, leading to potential delays and slower system response times. 


Technical support

Unfortunately, having a system administrator on board to take care of and operate the system is a must. 



Having a collection of data is not enough; the form in which it is presented is also extremely important. A complicated and unintuitive interface discourages work and, as a result, you lose valuable data and insights.



It is very difficult to plan and control the final budget. Price lists are not publicly available and flexible. The price of additional functionality is not public from the beginning, and once purchased, the license must stay with us until the end of the billing period.



The time and effort you will have to spend on integrating with additional systems and data sources will lead to unnecessary costs and delay further work.



Unfortunately, the opportunities to gain knowledge about the tool are severely limited. Closed discussion groups and documentation are not very intuitive, requiring considerable time and effort to find answers to nagging questions.

Power BI Advantages

Data visualization

Easy and intuitive data reports and interface are the first step to making good business decisions. Generate reports that will support every next step with data, not intuition.

Quick Deployment

Power BI offers many ready-to-use add-ons (such as DAX Studio or Tabular Editor), that simplify and accelerate the deployment of the platform, allowing you to generate your first reports in just 2-3 weeks.

Data Security

Object-level security, row- level security, confidentiality labels are just the basics that will give you confidence that your data is secure and fully integrated with Azure Active Directory.


Numerous channels on social media, open discussion forums and many other publicly available resources put Power BI knowledge at your fingertips. Thanks to that, you learn how to implement Power BI faster and better, by yourself or via skilled


Power BI is a cloud-based solution. This means that you will have access to its capabilities from anywhere and any device.


The appearance of your reports depends only on you and your needs.
Depending on the target audience, you can customize the appearance of reports as needed.

Benefits of migrating to Power BI

  • Identifying gaps in current business needs
  • Improving the quality of analytical data
  • Reducing operational costs
  • Greater business scalability
  • Increasing the team's analytical awareness
  • Access to larger talent pool

Steps to Power BI migration


Let us know if you want to talk about migration. Contact us via the contact form. Expect to hear from us within two business days (but it will happen sooner anyway).


We discuss the project scope and initial requirements list for free.

Initial requirements list

We ask you to complete a form to determine the scope of cooperation and the migration process. Don’ worry, you can contact us with any questions along the way.

PoC (Proof of Concept)

We analyze the existing reports, licensing costs, available data sources, present you migration effort estimates and then implement a PoC for a selected report.


You obtain a full action plan for migrating to Power BI, with all the items sequenced and detailed. We adopt agile delivery: first initialize the new Power BI environment, then focus on the migration area by area.

Migration to Power BI

We start eliminating reports in MicroStrategy one by one as your team starts to utilize the new Power BI reports during that time.

MicroStrategy decommissioning

After setting up the report sharing policy and handing over the report to the tech support team, we will decommission MicroStrategy together and start a new stage of data analysis for your company.

What will you gain by migrating with Astral Forest?

  • Full transparency over the migration costs and how to limit them.
  • Full migration roadmap and plan. Check MicroStrategy To Power BI Migration – Seren Way To The Stars – Astral Forest
  • No chaos and stress related to the migration: we will lay the solid foundations of the new environment for you.
  • New report consumption with increased user base.
  • You will enhance your team’s skillset thanks to the knowledge transfer.
  • Our support and advice related to the migration communication plan and adoption of the new solution



We have over 10 years of experience in the data environment. Our expertise has been built and is constantly growing through real-life challenges.


We work with MicroStrategy as often as we work with Power BI. We know the advantages of both and, more importantly, we know how to use them in practice.


If we believe that your current solution is the best for you, we will tell you. We are not interested in implementing solutions where they won’t help.

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