MicroStrategy to Power BI 

Why Microstrategy to Power BI is the right solution for you?

You are unsure

about what costs and effort you can expect to performi such a migration and what are the related risks


You want to migrate

all your workflows and reports to Power BI in order to benefit from the newest analytical functionalities 


How can we help you with the migration? 

1 – Analyzing MicroStrategy deployment

We assess the impact and effort related to migrating MicroStrategy to Power BI. We focus especially on reports usage statistics, available data sources and how these could be translated into Power BI models. 

2 – Recommendations

We provide you with our expertise on the licensing scheme, the workload segregation (split into workspaces, data models, reports, dashboards) and the proposition of the migration roadmap. Depending on the agreed scope of work, we provide not only advisory services, but we perform such migrations as well. 

Benefits of MicroStrategy to Power BI Assessment

  • Full transparency over the migration costs and how to limit them 

  • Full migration roadmap and plan. 

  • No chaos and stress related to the migration we will lay the solid foundations of the new environment for you. 

  • New report consumption with increased user base. 

  • You will enhance your teams skillset thanks to the knowledge transfer. 

  • You will have our support and advice related to the migration communication plan and adoption of the new solution 



Assessment documentation, collecting all the recommendations regarding future (end-state) solution architecture and migration plan.

Roadmap for Power BI adoption and rollouts. Reports and data marts migrated from MicroStrategy to Power BI.


Timing: 3-7 weeks