Power BI Consulting & Governance 

Maximize the value of your Power BI implementation

Starting up quickly with Power BI reports 

get valuable business results in less than 5 days


Scaling up your existing solution 

add expertise and guidance to your team, optimizing reports’ performance and reliability 


Setting up Power BI governance 

assure high quality of your Power BI environment through data culture and process mastery 

We work with companies on different levels of Power BI maturity:  


You do not have Power BI yet or you are launching your first Power BI reports in one department 

Don’t lose control of your Power BI environment in the name of quickly delivered results. You can have both.  

  • Amaze your users with analytics and business insights 

  • Avoid common pitfalls and make sure you will not need to rework your reports in the next few months 

  • Grow your team’s skillset and expand your user base 


You already have Power BI up and running in your company and you would like to expand your platform 

Kick Power BI delivery into high gear. Keep up the tempo despite the increasing complexity of your Power BI solution 

  • Bet on reusability of your report components 

  • Increase performance through a standard delivery process 

  • Solve the challenges of data modelling and DAX coding  

  • Do not overpay for what you get 

  • Implement governance and keep track of report usage 


Your reports are already used by hundreds or thousands of users.  You are looking to increase user adoption, streamline development and operations processes and apply tighter governance

  • Develop a Power BI governance strategy

  • Find the perfect balance for your organization between self-service and enterprise reporting models


  • Apply data policies and address the lack of standardization; get rid of the chaos 

We can support you with:

  • Power BI report design 
  • Power BI report delivery 
  • Power BI architecture  
  • Power BI performance & cost optimization 
  • Power BI governance  
  • Power BI adoption 
  • Project management 
  • Business analysis 

Benefits of the Power BI Assessment

  • Astonishing reports delivered quickly: give the stakeholders the insights they need in no time 

  • Extreme ownership: we are fully dedicated to our job; you can stay focused on your work. 

  • Serenity: we build sustainable data ecosystems.  Even in case of a failure, we always have a quick auto-recovery plan.