Power BI Assessment

Why Power BI Assessment is the right solution for you?

You want to optimize

the development process, security, scalability, maintenance costs of your platform 

You need advice

in creating adoption roadmap, vision and strategy for company-wide scale-out 

Your business users do not wish to use Power BI

reports are slow, incorrect and harsh to maintain 

How we can solve these problems step by step:

1 – Introductory workshop

Together with your team, we will perform the assessment of the technical and non-technical aspects of your implementation. 

2 – Assessment document 

We will involve you in the discussion regarding: 

  • Licensing scheme 
  • Solution architecture 
  • Cost optimization 
  • Development process 
  • Adoption & technical maturity 
  • User experience 
  • Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)
  • Governance & monitoring 
  • Performance 
  • Security 

3 – Results sharing 

We will provide you with an indication of the current health of the system and potential next steps to apply. 

Benefits of the Power BI Assessment

  • Right licenses

  • No overpaying for infrastructure

  • Risks/bottlenecks identified and mitigated

  • No time outsno angry users

  • Greater recognition for your reports

  • More time for delivery for your team

  • No data leaks



A final report describing current environment setup, providing guidance on what improvements can be applied, together with a cost to benefit analysis for each capability. 

A detailed roadmap for the evolution of your Power BI platform (if agreed in the contract). 


Timing: 3 weeks

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