Data Architecture & Advisory 

Robust data ecosystem adapted to your needs

Build your first data storage 

get your challenges solved quickly; lay robust foundation for your future projects 


Scale up your existing solution 

bring in our expertise and guidance to optimize performance, security, scalability and availability 


Data Governance 

efficient data management processes built around modern technology: Big Data made simple 

We work with companies on different levels of data maturity:  


You already consume data and you would like to store it in a persistent way without the limitations of Excel and CSVs flying back and forth 

Don’t lose control of your data in the name of quickly delivered results. You can have both results and scalability at the same time.  

  • Amaze business by providing them the data they need fast 

  • Clean, share and control the data through a centralized data warehouse or data lake 

  • Lay solid foundations right away: avoid the reworks in the future  


You already own a data warehouse or data lake and you would like to expand your platform

Benefit from our know-how and join forces with us to address specific challenges 

  • Deliver more workflows and bring in more sources of data 

  • Bet on reusability of the elements of your data solution  

  • Standardize the delivery process to get things done faster  

  • Implement governance guardrails 

  • Let us advise you regarding your platform roadmap and architecture 


Your data is consumed by hundreds or thousands of users 

Bring in Astral Forest experts to the table 

  • Get guidance on technology stack and implementation approaches 

  • Introduce a data governance strategy 

  • Organize your teams around collaboration and equip them with the right processes 

  • Apply data policies and address the lack of standardization; get rid of the chaos 

We can support you with: 

  • Data Architecture  
  • Data Governance 
  • Data Platform Advisory 
  • Data Engineering 
  • Cloud Adoption Framework 
  • Project Management 

Benefits of the Data Architecture & Advisory 

  • Fast delivered results: we identify the quick wins while keeping the big picture in mind 

  • Architecture recommendations: based on the dozens of projects we have delivered we will share with you tailor-made recommendations for the short, mid and long run. 

  • Extreme ownership: we are fully dedicated to our job; you can stay focused on your work. 

  • Serenity: we build sustainable data ecosystems.  Even in case of a failure, we always have a quick auto-recovery plan. 


    Timing: 3 weeks